Pastor: Phillip Cameron

For over 25 years, the Cameron Family has been changing the lives of orphans in Romania and Moldova. From providing running water, flushing toilets and clean wells, to coal for heat, new windows, and food and clothing, they championed the physical needs of the orphans in these broken and desolate countries.

Through house’s founded by the Camerons, many of Moldova’s orphans are being saved from the horror of trafficking, and in the process turned orphans into daughters and sons. They came to know their Heavenly Father, and are forever changed by the love of Jesus


The Orphan’s Hands

We save orphans who are at risk of being trafficked in Moldova. We provide a home, education, and introduce them to the love of Christ. We take these kids from fragile souls, to leaders in their community.

We help orphans become missionaries, giving them the opportunity to reach the lost, the unwanted and the broken! Changing their nation through ministry outreach!


“Life changing!” “Eye opening!” “Emotionally charged.”

These are some of the descriptions after a service with the THE ORPHAN’S HANDS tour team.

You can hear, first hand, from young women and men as they tell of the torture and loneliness in the orphanage, and the miracle of grace in their lives. Listen as they describe how they’ve learned to forgive those who broke them. Many of the young men and women, now support their parents who abandoned them to the orphanage. Hear them sing, watch them perform human videos and bring the mission field right into your church. Invite the team, led by members of the Cameron family including Andrew and Natalie Cameron, who were orphan themselves, to come and visit. This will be an event you and your church will never forget.