Don and Mary Wolfram

August & September in ECUADOR have been full months.  God is distancing us from direct leadership and raising up strong national leaders to keep the programs of His choice alive.  Ana, Marcos, Delfin, Nelson, Henry, Jose and many others are definitely stepping up to the plate while we have been busy stepping aside during this time of transition for us.


Aug- 18-23 CEMIA 15a- ANA, NELSON-The seminary students at CEMIA met for the 15th time for the week since starting nearly 3 years ago.  Just when we feel lead to shift the efforts of this school back into the CEMIM program, out-turns have been really strong & we question whether this is the right decision.  Pray about CEMIA’s (the seminaries  study place in Ankuash) future.  Go for another round or consolidate at CEMIM?


Aug-27-28 Santa Rosa Roof- MARCOS, DELFIN-As we push farther into the jungle and towards the 2 unreached tribes remaining in Ecuador, we raise a mission staging house in Santa Rosa among with missionary Marcos.  This bunk house allows the local Kichuwa church to launch from a place on the edge of this Wao, Tagaeri & Taromenane  territory.


Aug-24 Jenna started University at PBA- Yes our last is now enrolled at Palm Beach Atlantic University in the nursing program.  Thanks God for her strong academics and the multiple scholarships that made this great school a possibility.  We are MT-Nesters now and we really miss this sunshine & joy in our lives.


Spt-1-6 CEMIM 7cANA, NELSON, HENRY-The strong turnout at the seminary in Mangayacu once again endorses the need for a program like ours in this Amazon area.  In November we will have a graduation and 12-15 students will be coming out of the program after completing the 66 credit hours to give them their Associates degree in Biblical studies.  3 years of hard study.  Strong national leaders are now running CEMIM.


Spt 12-13 The Monte’s Caretakers houseJOSE-Gets a new roof!  Long overdue and essential in the rain forest, this new roof will hopefully lure CEMIM student Jose & wife Lizeth to realize their farming dream up on the acreage at the MONTE retreat center.  This extra set of eyes & hands up their will help secure the property for the many retreats and events that churches from all over Ecuador host there.  Also the Azuay church needs a young leader and who knows if this is who God has set in place?


Spt 14 Our Neighbors- in Quito, have been great friends and like family to us.  Always including us, always inviting us over, always sharing their extensive family.  Here we celebrated the 80th birthday of Flavio’s father – the distinguished patriarch in the center of this pix!  May our dear friends come to personally know Jesus Christ.


Spt 16-17 A Wedding & Surgery- Don officiated a wedding in Georgia.  In God’s provision & foresight, this allowed us to be in the States during a critical time of unforeseen surgery.  Mary could be close by to help out her mom and the family during her mom’s surgery.  It has been difficult for these last 10 years being so distant during times of family need so this provision was a God-thing!


Azuay church roof need - The small group of believers in Azuay is being forced to move their church location as the land it is on does not belong to the church and is in demand.  The old wooden structure will not survive the move, so we are looking at new, basic, steel columns and a roof.  Right down my line!  We should be able to get the 8m x 11m (25’ x 35’) roof up for about $1600.  If you’d like to help, please let me know. Installing, solid, economical, church roofs in the communities of dedicated Bible students has been one of the hallmarks of our ministry here in Ecuador.


Don’s Top 10 –List of the simplest yet best physical things on the mission field: 

(Just something light and for fun!) What’s on your Top 10 simplest things list?)

10 - The Ecuadorian bus system – so functional!

9 - Telephone cabinas & pay-as-you talk cell phones

8 - Truck roof rack system – allowing transport of 25’ items

7 - Parachute Hammock- a 2 lb. sleep-anywhere solution

6 - Angle grinder & its 10+ attachments to do everything!

5 - The machete - long, light & balanced to do everything!

4 - Set-o-mulas (quickly fabricated, fold-up saw horses)

3 - The poor man’s Jacuzzi

2 - Coca Cola in a bag

1-  A good outdoor shower – never underestimate the value of a good clean-up